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De Saint Ange - DSA - Paris - Brand Universe and presentation of the collection

De Saint Ange, a World of elegance and refinement for today’s men and women. Young Designer and Manager, Jean-Marie De Saint Ange creates a universe for men and women where the classic contribution is revisited with impertinence and casually, using current trends. This new collection of shirts, suits, dresses and accessories stands out once more the De Saint Ange spirit by its multiplicity of mischievous details and French style. A strong and promising collection for this young ambassador of the Armand de Brignac Champagne brand, who knows how to conquer the tallest of the luxury industry and medias with his talent and his daring. With a mutli-facetted personality, regular of the trendy circles of the French Capital, DSA doesn’t not let himself shut down but any kind of stereotype… he takes a real pleasure to evolve in different circles and finally, this indefinable and untypical side allow him to define an important aspect of his personality reflecting on his creations. The choice of beautiful patterns, with irreproachable cuts, for pleasant styles is a point every DSA creations have in common. Also, the reasonable prices allow young people to purchase De saint Ange clothing and therefore to enter the DSA community. Join the De SAINT ANGE universe and reveal all your elegance by conjugating a slice of original features with timeless and contemporary styles.

DSA Label

De Saint Ange’s Collections are marked by a device which allies tradition and modernity with perfection: A truncated lis flower, vestige of classicism, assembled to a triangle, synthesis of the numerical Era. The Corner place on the suits and shirts’ collar, scarves, ties… becoming the rallying sign of members of the DSA community. Experts will recognize the label.

DSA’s history

The De SAINT ANGE brand was born in September 2007 with a first collection of men suit. Since Then collections have been moved quickly and were sold during the “exclusive sales of De SAINT ANGE”, in multiple places like lofts, villas, hotels, night clubs,… DSA was separated in two: _an affordable luxury with a excusive image for the prêt-a-porter, which perfectly correspond to DSA’s mark, the trendsetters. _ a high refinement for the Haute Couture selection with corresponding prices. The French Television becomes quickly interested in this growing phenomenon and follows JMDSA during its sales, events and fashion shows. “Our Costumers appreciate our image of exclusive and privileged universe with prices corresponding to a so-called: ‘affordable luxury’ ”

Haute couture


Lisa Valente is a young French designer. Graduated from the ESMOD School of Design, she acquire experience working with famous creators like Paco Rabanne, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, and more… But She soon felt the desire to create her own label. Fashion shows in trendy places in Paris and during Cannes’ festival. When Lisa Valente meets Jean Marie De SAINT ANGE, it gives birth to collection of formal dresses, for galas, feminine, chic, modern.


If You need any further information regarding the fashion shows, exclusive sales or events, please sign up here to receive your invitations. If you would like to personalize products with your company, event, BDE… ‘s image : If you would like to become a DSA distributor : send an email here:

Store location

olumn not available until September 2009


De Saint Ange Showroom on the Warren Yacht in Cannes from may 1éth to may 24th.

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